Cartel de la Semana Santa de Logroño 2016

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  1. Oh Vix that dress would make the rain go away, it's so gorgeous on you. The peacock earrings are perfect with it.I love your wall of misery and cob webs are just Eco friendly fly traps. Tee hee.Parcels of happiness to a lady who brings us so much happiness.Love v

  2. And I in turn would love to see you break out of the traditional female paradigm of passive entitlementality and actually go dig up the actual stats your actual self.Did I ask you or anyone else to go find it for me?

  3. hek eleh.. stakat bini tu org kuat kat KASTAM ape lah sgt… Ingatkan nak kate adk PM ke? Anak raje ke? adelah jgk prasaan tkut, nie stakat org kuat kat KASTAM.. pegiiilaaa…>>>Ginilah mentaliti org mlayu, salah org lain, bulat mata… tapi salah sdiri, nak salahkan org lain plak… plik btol lah dengan dunia skarang nie…

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